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My work


Become An Individual

My self-improvement blog detailing the best ways to live your life fully. Visit my blog if you want to see my SEO, writing, and web development skills. My blog is also a good place to learn more about my beliefs, attitudes, and standards. 


Darke County Right To Life

One aspect of skill growth I’ve enjoyed is helping other people with the skills I have. Darke County RTL is an ongoing website I’ve build and maintained to help the pro-life movement grow and produce positive, meaningful change.


Kristin Lausten

Kristin Lausten is one of the first sites I did where I built a WordPress theme from scratch. The process was challenging but I am proud of the results. 


Anderson Injury

Anderson Injury was another foray into building from scratch. This project presented multiple challenges because it required plenty bells and whistles. However, with JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP, I was able to create an impressive and functional site.  


Goolsby Law

Goolsby Law was a great project because I spent more time ensuring the designer’s vision was realized. Additionally, Goolsby was a compact site, but I learned more about optimization and speeding things along. 


Catholic Medical Association

Catholic Medical Association is another fun, nifty site utilizing WordPress. I designed the site and built everything using the powerful Divi theme. From there, I streamlined the content and improved the SEO.


General SEO Projects

I’ve worked with a few home services companies to upgrade their content and improve their SEO. I’ve learned how to adopt the lingo of clients as well as improve the rankings of their sites.  



I did not originally build the site but I helped with the updates. The updating process was a little challenging as I had to work with code which wasn’t my own. However, I adapted to the challenge and made the necessary improvements. 


Writing Sample

This writing sample is for a lawyer. Ultimately, the content was never used. However, I’m proud of the piece as it gives an accurate measurement of my writing abilities. 


Arenstein and Anderson

Similar to Postali, Arenstein and Anderson was a web project where I made improvements after the site was built. The biggest hill was working with sliders and trying to optimize my code instead of throwing around any old solution.   

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”

– Ayn Rand