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About Miles

Hi, I’m Miles Franklin

Hello, my name is Miles Franklin.

I began adult life flipping burgers and taking names. While in restaurants I managed inventories, finances, employees and honed my customer service talents. I did this all before turning 23 and always with a smile.

I started doing web design when I tired of grills and hot ovens. I’m a multidisciplinary content writer and front-end developer. I’m self-taught, self-motivated and driven by a burning desire to do better. 

My greatest strength is my ability to learn multiple subjects and integrate my knowledge to produce better solutions. My work ethic enables me to help companies and businesses grow with minimal overhead. Since I can fulfill multiple roles, I can assist wherever needed. Lastly, my own passion for learning helps me to continue growing my skills year after year.

I am a graduate of Denison University, class of ’13. I am married to Katherine Franklin, the greatest human being I know, my intellectual partner, the love of my life, and the person who keeps me going. I’m also a proud father.

In my free time, I hang with family, write about Becoming An Individual, and draw.

You can contact me at


How Can You Best Describe Me?

Descriptions are important and it’s crucial to own your narrative. As an individualist, I believe in being defined primarily by what you do and the virtues you chose. 


I’ve been married for five years and my marriage has made me a better man. 


Becoming a father is the type of challenege which improves the mind and elevates the soul. 


The purpose of life is to pursue moral excellence. By focusing on virtue, I can become the best version of myself.



Writing is my passion. I love crafting stories and creating worlds through eloquent manipulation of words. 


I started coding because I wanted to create a web comic. Today, I know multiple languages and can craft a website from beginning to end. 


In my spare time, I like to draw. My favorite subject is people and I like to focus on making new characters.

From My Clients

“Miles was amazing to work with in the process of developing our website. He was readily available for questions we had during the process, and most importantly, he gave us the tools to learn how to manage our website moving forward. We and our members couldn’t be more pleased with the look and structure of our site.”

Dr. Paul and Amber Day

President and Secretary, CMA Cincinnati

“We are thrilled with Miles. He really knows what he is doing, is very prompt and responsive. Go with Miles and you will be well served.” 

Dr. Marian Schuda

Guild Secretary, CMA Columbus

“Miles was able to execute my vision for a website despite my lack of familiarity with technology. I received a massive amount of value from my experience with developing the site, and because of Miles, I’m still receiving value today!”


Streamer | Blogger | Podcaster, ThatCho

“Miles has created and maintains our website.  He is creative, incorporating our vision and needs.  We are fortunate to have his expertise in the evolving web industry.”

Joan Gehret

President, Darke County Right To Life

“I worked with Miles to create a brand new website for a brand new campaign. It seemed like a daunting task, yet Miles took it all in stride. He was 100% transparent about what he had experience with, and what was new; and every time I asked him to do something new, he identified a solution in short order. After we’d worked on the site for a while, Miles got to know my preferences and it was super-easy to send additions his way. I cannot think of a single time after the initial layout was completed that I had to ask him to make a significant change. Finally, Miles was incredibly responsive, above and beyond. He was readily available on the day the site launched… as well as a month and a half later when our form unexpectedly disappeared. Miles discovered an error that was new to him, yet he dug right in and fixed the issue in less than 15 minutes. I could not have landed a better website administrator for this project – Miles is creative, patient, genuine and reliably proficient in web design, as well as the backend infrastructure. Working with Miles is the best!” 

Beth Prier

Make Americans Free Again

My Work Portfolio

I’ve written a few thousand words and built a few websites. Here is some recent work. 

“Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.”

– Booker T. Washington