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Welcome To And The Heroes Have Returned

When starting a new blog, you always have to ask “Is this blog for me?” Let’s answer that question together.

I miss heroes. No longer can you find the smiling big blue boy scout or the fierce, honorable warrior. We are sedated with dark knights and amoral crusaders. We are stuck with trash characters.

This hopelessness is not just with the characters. Most fictional worlds are oppressive and intolerable. The visuals are ugly, jagged, and dreadful. These fictional universes are nasty and hostile. Nothing seems to work, and every law or authority figure is unfair or unjust. Everyone is suffering.

Lastly, today’s fiction promotes the same message: life is wretched. The innocent are always slain, heroes are always liars and cheats, and the only honest man is the “anti-hero,” amoral and vicious. There is no hope. Only the foolish hope.

And I can’t help but yawn.

Heroes are exciting. In a world of mediocrity and grim, the man who decides to stand tall and stand tall for others is fascinating. Nothing is compelling about the anti-hero who responds predictably to a hostile environment. There is nothing beautiful or memorable about a drab, oppressive setting. Nothing is compelling about the tired, old trope of “the evils of man.”

As I said, I miss heroes.

This blog, And The Heroes Have Returned, will cover various topics: art, history, writing, and storytelling. But above all else, I want to talk about heroes, real and fictional, why they are essential, and how to bring them back to our nihilistic, useless culture.

I will infrequently update this blog, maybe once every two months, because I want to include long-form and well-researched posts.

As with my other illustrious blog and Substack, my first goal is to help myself: I want to improve as a writer by exploring the thematic elements of a good story. By writing these posts, I hope to influence others on the importance of heroes and my other thoughts on storytelling.

If the heroes return and come back to save us from the nihilism of our recent stories, I would be very grateful.

Welcome to my blog, And The Heroes Have Returned. I hope you enjoy your time here.