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My Name Is
Miles Franklin

I’m a web developer, copywriter, amateur artist, and web designer in Columbus Ohio.

I can build your website, design the layout, write the content, then make your day.

What I Can Do

I started out as an English major and decided to keep going. Firstly, I can craft engaging content with ease and grace, Secondly, I know what it takes to make the best of your site’s SEO. Lastly, I know how to design and build a website from beginning to end.


Content Writing

Good sites are made or broken by content. Your site needs compelling copy to produce the value your need.


I taught myself coding because I wanted to. I keep myself going and my passion ensures I will see your project to the end. 

Front End Development

I make sites look good: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and other langauges I know and speak fluently. 


Search Engine Optimization

From Google Analytics to SEO strategy, I’ve spent years learning how to make sites rank, no matter the industry. 

Back End Development

I keep everything going: PHP, SQL, and soon a little .NET, I understand how to improve servers and databases. 


Where it all began. I have five years of experience building WordPress sites. I also get Drupal, Wix, and other CMS’s.

About Miles Franklin

I started adult life flipping burgers and taking names. After tiring of hot ovens, I focused my attention on learning how to code, mastering the written word, and improving my SEO abilities. 

Today, I am multidisciplinary capable of building a website from beginning to end. 

Check Out My Work

Here are the websites, blogs, and writing samples I’ve done. Let me know what you think

What I’m Good At

Skill stacks on skill. I’m a big believer in talent stacks and integrating your abilities to maximize professional effectiveness.

Down below are the skills I have and my level of expertise.

  • Writing, Editing, Content Management, SEO, WordPress, html5, css3, sass – Master
  • JavaScript, jQuery, php, bOOTSTRAP- Expert
  • SQL, Git, Marketing – Intermediate
  • .NET, Grunt, Angular, React, Node.js – We’re Getting There

Services I Can Provide

With more than five years of experience in the web design world, I’ve learned how to design and develop websites. Additionally, I can write the content and perfect the SEO.

Therefore, I’m a one-man team capable of working well with clients on a budget. I’m also great at working with a team and providing my services wherever they’re needed.







“Knowledge makes A man unfit to be a slave.”

– Frederick Douglass