About Miles Franklin

Father | Husband | Multidisciplinary Autodidact

Daring to Thrive Since 1991

Hello, my name is Miles Franklin.

I began adult life flipping burgers and taking names. While in restaurants I managed inventories, finances, employees and honed my customer service talents. I did this all before turning 23 and always with a smile.

I started doing web design when I tired of grills and hot ovens. I’m a multidisciplinary web designer and front-end developer who is an expert in writing and an amateur in drawing. I’m self-taught, self-motivated and a romantic visionary driven by idealism and a burning desire to do better.

What I Can Do For You

I’m a web designer and web developer: I build websites with PHP, HTML, and WordPress. Furthermore, I make them look good with design skills and CSS. Lastly, I make websites dance with jQuery and JavaScript.

I’ve been writing for years. Writing is my favorite skill and first passion. I’m a copywriter, content writer, editor, and SEO guy. If you need your content improved, recreated, optimized, or edited then I’m your man.

For your business, I focus on communication. I answer your questions, give you advice, and help you navigate the web. I don’t cut and run: I want to be your source for succeeding on the internet even after the site goes live. Anyone can build you a website, but I offer a professional relationship based on trust, respect, and a desire to do better for your company.

My Personal Life

I am a graduate of Denison University, class of ’13. I am married to Katherine Franklin, the greatest human being I know, my intellectual partner, the love of my life, and the person who keeps me going.

I blend work life with play time. I’m skilled at web design, web development, and writing because I love working on my own projects and building the visions that matter to me. Helping others is a side bonus.

I spend downtime with family and when I want a small break, I like to play video games such as Sims 3.